Shelter in Place Week by Week

Our clients have been under shelter in place since March 16, 2020. Some things we have observed during that time:

Week 1: The first week of shelter in place was a shock – but the revenue hit was not significant – most shops were scheduled about a week ahead, so they were able to work with pre-scheduled appointments while scheduling new work for the following week.

Week 2: Second week saw significant drop in the effectiveness of pay-per-click advertising, and number of appointments started to fall off.

Week 3: Third week pay-per-click advertising was dead  – for most clients we turned it down to a bare minimum – we still kept it running though,  to keep competitors from having a free pass.

Third week was definitely the most difficult so far. Shops turned up marketing to own customer lists since new customers were scarce.

Week4: Week four showed major revenue improvements as existing customers took advantage of deals offered. We also started to see new customers looking for auto repair, as a number of competing  shops in the area closed their doors (temporarily, we think).

Week 5: Week five saw continued positive results from existing customers, and for the first time Monday brought a lot of new customer calls. Week five ended up being a decent week for most shops.

Week 6: Week six saw plenty of phone calls and shops returning to 80%—90% of pre-virus revenue levels. Felt “almost normal”. Pay per click started to be somewhat productive again.

Week 7:  So far, we are seeing calls coming in at a steady pace, though not nearly as numerous as during “pre-virus” times, and not as numerous as last week, but they are steady. Pay-per-click is generating calls well enough that most clients are running ppc at about 50 % of normal budgets.

Next week is supposed to be the first week of Phase 2 of California reopening. Stay tuned

Auto Repair Marketing – News You Can Use

Auto repair shop owners have an abundance of marketing and advertising choices – from Yelp and Google, to industry specific CRM companies like Kukui or Autovitals. Add to the mix Repair Pal, Mechanic Advisor, Open Bay, and the startup of the week ( it sure seems like a new startup in the auto repair marketing industry is launched every week), and just  talking to these companies can take up a better part of your week.

At Mechanic Grid we save you time and simplify your life – we talk to the vendors – current and new, we manage marketing and advertising campaigns on your behalf, and translate marketing industry gobbledygook into language that we all understand  –  car count, ARO,  efficiency, productivity and sales.

This blog will cover what’s happening in the auto repair industry marketing, latest trends, and the newfangled marketing schemes – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Stay tuned.