Marketing for Independent Auto Repair Shops

Artificial Intelligence and Auto Repair Shop Marketing


Mechanic Grid is one of only a handful of marketing agencies in the United States that conducts in-house Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects. AI has become popular recently, mostly due to massive advances in computing power that made it possible to take algorithms invented half a century ago, and to apply them in real time.

Deep Learning, a particularly computationally intensive branch of Artificial Intelligence came into its own only within the last few years, because of virtually unlimited computing power. Expert Systems, on the other hand, have been operational for decades, often embedded in decision support systems. At Mechanic Grid we use artificial intelligence to speed up decision making and streamline operations.

Our AI expertise is also applied when vetting vendors who claim to be using artificial intelligence in their products or services. Marketing folks tend to view the world through rose colored glasses – it is up to us to evaluate their claims, and to find out how “intelligent” is their AI, and does it deliver on its promises. It’s been our experience that some of the marketing claims were, shall we say, somewhat overstated. The good news is that it is the very nature of AI that it can be incrementally improved over time. So next year, or two years from now, these same marketing claims may be perfectly valid, as the AI improves.

While currently we are not aware of a single AI-based marketing product or service that we could wholeheartedly endorse, we expect that over time auto repair marketing will be making considerable use of artificial intelligence. Until then, we will continue developing our own AI programs, and will be watching for any new entrants into the field.

If you want to talk about AI and auto repair marketing, give us a call.