Marketing for Independent Auto Repair Shops

Marketing of Auto Repair Services


Mechanic Grid provides auto repair marketing and advertising services that are tailored to your shop and your unique goals. Our task is to create a marketing machine that gets you there. We work with you to find out:

  • your family financial goals
  • what causes you sleepless nights
  • budget available to accomplish your goals
  • what are the physical limitations of the shop
  • your team's strengths and weaknesses
  • strength of your competition
  • we evaluate the overall auto repair market in the area

and only then we translate these variables into revenue goals, labor rate, car count goals, and ARO target. These in turn get translated into auto repair marketing action steps that we carry out weekly, monthly, yearly, and over decades.

To accomplish these goals, we not only provide auto repair shop marketing in-house, but also seek out best-of-breed marketing companies in the auto repair marketing field, and incorporate them into your strategy. Naturally, we not only vet these vendors, but we also provide day-to-day management of such vendors and regular reviews of their effectiveness. In rare cases, when we find compelling value, we outright partner with such companies  - Mechanic Grid is a Yelp Advertising Partner and has partnered with UpSwell (formerly Mudlick) as well.

Old age sneaks up on all of us, so time to design and implement your strategy is now, for “time and tide wait for no man”. Our clients have wildly differing goals that we work towards:

  • Some owners want to work forever, but take month long vacations 3-4 times per year.
  • Others want the shop to buy the real estate where it is located.
  • We have clients who want maximum cash flow because they are buying residential rental properties to fund their retirement.
  • One client, located on the outskirts of a fast growing city, is maximizing cash flow while waiting for developers to buy-out his long term lease.
  • One client wants to build a chain of 10 shops with real estate, then to sell the shops but keep the real estate so his family can have the rental income
  • Another client wants to grow a single location to over $3 million / year so it can fund his retirement, and provide a career for his son.
  • Some clients want to build a chain of 5-15 shops and to hire a general manager, so they can transition away from day-to-day involvement in shop operations, yet maintain ownership even in retirement.

As a shop owner, you get to wear many hats, but while auto repair marketing is vital to your shop, there is not enough time in the day to run the shop, help customers, run payroll, interview technicians, deal with parts vendors, credit card processors, and to research and stay on top of the fast changing online and off-line marketing – so we take the marketing headache away – as the owner, you set the direction, and we handle the rest, so you can have time to work “on the business”, not “in the business”.

We love to talk auto repair marketing, and there is no obligation, so

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