Marketing for Independent Auto Repair Shops

Auto Repair Shop Marketing: Pay-Per-Click


Pay-per-click (ppc) advertising has become a staple of auto repair marketing and advertising - it was popularized by Google, but now there are multiple companies that will gladly take your money in exchange for clicks. A company like Google will display your ads to web visitors, and when your advertisement is clicked, you get charged a fee for each click. Depending on the area and keywords that triggered the ad, the cost could be from a couple of dollars, to over twenty dollars per click (not per phone call – per click!).

Unfortunately, as pay-per-click became very popular, on average, the cost of clicks has gone up. For some auto repair shops, pay-per-click is the mainstay of their advertising strategy, and it has become more difficult to break even, let alone make money with ppc. If you don’t have an accurate way to track the revenue from pay-per-click, how would you know that it’s making you money?

The best known pay-per-click platforms are Google AdWords, Yelp, Microsoft Bing, and Facebook – the “Big Four”. Each requires a different strategy and different skill set. Pay-per-click campaigns can spend money fast, so they require not just supervision from a company who created your ad campaign, but also from someone who understands both pay-per-click and auto repair business.  

Mechanic Grid provides such service – we regularly review pay-per-click performance, suggest keyword and bidding strategy changes (including seasonal changes), oversee negative keywords, and make sure ppc campaigns match shop's needs, including increasing and decreasing daily budget as needed. We also monitor geographic reach and focus of the campaigns. Mechanic Grid can leverage ppc advertising to improve your Search Engine Optimization as well.

Pay-per-click should be an integral part of your overall auto repair marketing strategy. When the shop is slow, it can provide immediate help, and when the shop is slammed, it can be turned down or paused until it is needed again. At Mechanic Grid we utilize various pay-per-click platforms along with other paid advertising to create a comprehensive strategy to keep your shop busy, and to even out car count ups-and-downs. We can work with your existing pay-per-click vendors to optimize and improve your ROI. 

We are happy to answer your ppc questions – there is no obligation, so call us.