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Did Your Service Writer Check for Upcoming Services?

Did Your Service Writer Check for Upcoming Services?   The other day a customer brought in a car to a Top Shop for steering problems. Turned out some part was on a national backorder, so the car sat on the lot for a week. This in itself was not a problem.    The problem came to light when the customer got the car back, and realized that oil change was due in 79 miles! The car sat on the lot for a full week, and nobody looked up what else it might have needed. It would have saved the customer the hassle of another visit to the shop – and yes, it’s a bloody hassle. We come to the shop every day, because we work there. But for a customer it’s a hassle, plain and simple.  No matter what you offer – free coffee, Wi-Fi, free shuttle or Uber rides, it’s still a hassle – they would rather get it all done with a single visit. So… Shame on Protractor for not alerting the se ... read more


Full-On Grumpy