Marketing for Independent Auto Repair Shops

Are You Writing Your Marketing Plan for 2022?

Well... it's been a while...

How the world has changed. 2020 turned out to be a good year as revenue goes - many clients were up over 10% year over year, despite California lockdowns.

2021 is looking good as well - lots of shops hitting new revenue highs, AROs are solid.

And then there is the year 2022 - inflation is not just on the radar screen - it's here. It will get worse in 2022. Parts shortages / delays are likely to continue.

So what's the good news? Building out your website still works, pay-per-click advertising is doing ok,
(though you do have to watch your cost-per-click), customers are keeping their cars longer, so we get to do more services and more repairs.

So have you started working on your auto repair shop marketing and advertising plan for 2022?

What is your revenue goal for 2022?

More domestic makes or more foreign?

Services? List the ones you want to focus on in 2022.

How will you convey to your customers your unique strengths? What are they?

How much money (per month) will you spend?

Will you expand your website?  How many pages per month? How many blog posts?

Will you post on social media?  How many posts? Which media?

Will you buy billboard advertising?

Will you buy radio ads?

Will you buy cable tv ads?


Will you fund pay-per-click advertising? How much? List makes and services you are willing to spend money on ( and make another list of those you don't mind working on but do not want to spend money to attract - make sure they do not overlap). 

Who will do all that work?

How will you know which efforts are working, which are a waste of time and money?

You still have 2 months to get ready - go to it!