Marketing for Independent Auto Repair Shops

Auto Repair Marketing – News You Can Use

Auto repair shop owners have an abundance of marketing and advertising choices - from Yelp and Google, to industry specific CRM companies like Kukui or Autovitals. Add to the mix Repair Pal, Mechanic Advisor, Open Bay, and the startup of the week ( it sure seems like a new startup in the auto repair marketing industry is launched every week), and just talking to these companies can take up a better part of your week.

At Mechanic Grid we save you time and simplify your life - we talk to the vendors - current and new, we manage marketing and advertising campaigns on your behalf, and translate marketing industry gobbledygook into language that we all understand - car count, ARO, efficiency, productivity and sales.

This blog will cover what’s happening in the auto repair industry marketing, latest trends, and the newfangled marketing schemes - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Stay tuned.