Marketing for Independent Auto Repair Shops

Week 10 of Shelter in Place – Full Steam Ahead!

Looking back at the past 10 weeks, continued execution of the SEO strategies is paying off. While other shops hunkered down, our clients improved their organic ranking through consistent execution of the search engine optimization strategy.

While parts of March and entire April were pretty much lost as far as pay-per-click advertising, there was no reason not to continue with the SEO efforts - so we kept plugging away. When SEO is done right, time is on your side. For our clients it was time well spent outdistancing competitors as far as Google rankings are concerned. For most of their competitors, shelter in place was a loss

We also spent time on post-shelter-in-place tactics - how can our clients better serve their customers AND use new services to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Now that the plans are in place, it’s time to execute.